Please, no more snow for a while!

We had a few flurries this morning, but thankfully it wasn’t much.  We’ve had a ton of snow on our deck, and DH decided to clear it off.  Couldn’t get the sliding-glass door open.  The screen was frozen solidly shut.  No problem — he went out through the window.

It’s been very quiet at our house since mid-day Wednesday.  DH came home from a lunch event, and the cable was out on the TV.  For two days we had “snow” on all our TV screens!  Called the cable company, and no, there’s no outage in our area.  They can get someone out on Friday.  FRIDAY???  Don’t they know that the TV is my constant companion?

The technician came out Friday and determined we were getting no signal at the point of entry to the house, so it was an “outside” problem.  Do you remember what our outside looks like?  Mountains of snow!  After digging through a big snow pile to check the olive-green post thingy that sticks up out of the ground to see what the problem could be, this is what he found:

Yes, we definitely have a problem!  Apparently one of the bobcats clearing the snow was called back on Wednesday to push the snow back further and — well, you can see the result above.  Amazingly, we are now have cable TV reception back out of that rat’s nest.


2 thoughts on “Please, no more snow for a while!”

  1. Oh yikes! That’s so much snow! Don’t know how you did without TV…I’d be lost in the evenings…we pretty much watch it from dinner to bedtime. At least we don’t get snow here…and won’t in NOLA either.

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