2011 UFO Challenge

Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times is hosting a UFO Challenge for next year.  Participants list 12 unfinished projects, and Judy will draw a number (from 1-12, of course) each month to see which project we are to complete that month.  That will work pretty well for me, except I’m going to have to fudge a couple of months because of travel and adjust my projects to fit her numbering.  Won’t matter.  12 Projects.  12 Months.  Goal:  12 Completions!

The Dirty Dozen:

  1. Big Kaleidoscope Quilt that I worked on last month.  I started this approximately three years ago with great gusto, only to have it packed up in a box.  9 out of 16 blocks made.
  2. Judy’s Star BOM. Love this quilt, started it a couple of years ago, life got in the way…almost all the blocks are made.
  3. Turquoise Sampler. Oooh, a newer UFO!  Started as a block exchange in June 2010.  Six blocks done, six 12″ blocks to be made plus filler blocks (geese, baskets, trees, etc.)
  4. One Block Wonder. All the half-hexies are made.  Hate it.  Someone (I think it was Pam D) suggested framing each whole hexie with black and it would like kind of like a field of paperweights.  Gonna love it!
  5. Bears in the Woods. This is the bear paw pattern done with Judy L a couple of years ago.  Ready to quilt and bind.
  6. Cowboy Boots.  All the blocks are done.  They will get a wonky frame and set with sashing.  Stars in the corners.  Very YEE-haw!  Don’t have a picture of this one.
  7. Linens & Lace Lap Quilt. Smaller version of this quilt.  For friend Arlene.
  8. Civil War Stars.  Star quilt with Judy L.  Love it so much, started making two.  Or maybe it will be one giant one.  Maybe 75% of the blocks are made for both quilts.  (The actual name of Judy’s pattern is Shine On Bayou Cane.)
  9. Drunkard’s Path.  Blocks are made.
  10. Posies & Pinwheels. Took a class from friend June.  Blocks are pieced.  Need to applique some honeybee tear drops in the corners.  Also has a pieced border.  I’m starting to remember why it isn’t done yet…
  11. Jim’s Lucky Stars quilt done in Alaska fabrics.  One of my oldest UFOs.  I think the top is done, just needing quilting. And 11b, I’d like to get a hand-dyed wholecloth quilt quilted.  Vicki W. dyed the top for me, and it’s going to be fun to quilt.  Need to do a picture.
  12. Rose Basket Wall Hanging. Done, needing quilting.  Always thought maybe I would hand quilt it.  hahahahaha.  It’s going to go under the Gammill.

Thank you, Judy, for hosting another fun year-long event!  To sign up, go here.


3 thoughts on “2011 UFO Challenge”

  1. yep i remember the hexes, and it was me who suggested adding the black background. one thing i’ve learned over the years—put anything against a black background and it looks fabulous, LOL.

  2. I love your Bearpaws quilt! But you have to finish your kaleidoscope quilt! I’ve taught this class over 30 times and I’ve seen it all. Yours is great and I think you’ll really like it when it’s finished.

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