Nature’s 1-2-3 Punch

First there is the snow — drifted onto our deck higher than the railing.  We probably got around 20″.  That’s a lot for one snowfall, plus we’ve already had two big snowfalls already this year.  And it’s only December 12th!!!

  • We had no mail delivery yesterday.  I don’t remember that ever happening before.
  • No newspaper this morning.  Of course, we wouldn’t be able to find it if there was one delivered!
  • The Viking’s opponents for today’s scheduled noon game, the NY Giants, couldn’t get into town (the MSP airport closed yesterday).  Game delayed to tomorrow night.  Whoops!  Early this morning the Metrodome roof collapsed, suffering three tears in the Teflon dome from the weight of the snow and the high winds.  Put that game on hold until they can find a place to play!
  • Besides the airport closing yesterday, city plows and buses were pulled off the streets yesterday/last night as well.
  • Rescheduled Christmas get-together lunch plans with friends from yesterday to next weekend; rescheduled dinner plans with friends from last night to this afternoon.

Secondly was the wind.  It combined with a lot of light low-moisture snow to make blizzard conditions with low visibility and a lot of drifting.

And the third factor is the cold that’s moving in behind this snow.  Yesterday it was around 20 degrees above all day.  This morning it was zero degrees, and it’s supposed to climb all the way up to 7 degrees today.  Tonight it’s supposed to get down to  15 degrees below zero with a projected wind chill of -20 to -30.  There is still a weather advisory out, and the fun continues.

Where are they going to put all this snow?

This is much too early to have this much winter weather!

Port Aransas, Texas:  High of 61 and sunny today, with a forecast high of 70 by week’s end.  *sniff*


3 thoughts on “Nature’s 1-2-3 Punch”

  1. We also got dumped on. Ready for my winter vacation!!!! If we could just have the snow and not on the roads and sidewalks. How does that sound?

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