Toys for Tots


Due to an overwhelming demand for a look at the DayStitchers on Channel 11 Dec 3rd (okay, Betty was the only one…), you can click on the word “video” above for a look.  We are the second of three groups.  Jean T. was our spokesperson.  In the background are Candice, me, Pam C., Pam B., and Margaret.

We braved the snow for the 20-mile drive to the studio, taking about 1.25 hours to get there, and over two hours to get home.  Note that we are on the air for seconds!  We were glad to bring our dolls and hand-made doll quilts to Toys for Tots though!  KARE-11 (NBC affiliate) ranks third in the country in the number of toys collected for Toys for Tots, so we are happy to have a small part in it.  And a huge THANK YOU to Jean for driving!


5 thoughts on “Toys for Tots”

  1. Ooh, celebrity now! Seriously, what a great thing to do. A few of us here in the park make doll blankets, pair them w/a baby doll & take to the Flour Bluff Fire Dept, as they collect as well. But we didn’t have the “exciting” weather you did….lol. Even got cuz Kurt to come & watch the video…. I envy you your sewing clubs tho….

  2. Wow! you’re famous now lol. Great job all! So glad you all made it there and back safely. (Thanks, Betty, for demanding video)

  3. thanks, Sue for sharing this! So glad I made the request…so fun to see all of you gals! Met June today at the Casa Grande Quilt Guild….70 degrees and Patrick Lose was the program!

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