When I haven’t blogged for a while, one of two things happen.  Either my Aunt Bert calls/e-mails me, or my Winter-Texan friend Eileen calls/e-mails me, and as I told Bert…I’ve just been soooo t-i-r-e-d lately.  I think it has a lot to do with all the traveling we did in October and November this year.  I just can’t get enough sleep to feel recharged.  Anyway, all that as an introduction to why my postcards are late in the 3 Creative Studio’s postcard exchange!

I’ll interject a little bit of our Italy trip here because it relates to the PC’s.  My favorite places in Italy . . . Venice, as the city I would most like to go back to and spend more time there because you really feel like you are going back in time . . . Pisa and the leaning tower, as being so different than I imagined it . . . Vatican City and St. Peters for a most memorable experience being in the general Papal audience (along with over 25,000 other people from all over the world).

Surprising to me was that the Colosseum was the most moving experience.  To see it in person and imagine what it must have been like 1900 years ago was mind boggling.  Then when walking around the outside, I couldn’t help thinking of all the people who died there.  During the 400 years or so that “performances” were held that included executions and gladiatorial battles, an estimated 500,000 people were killed.

When we left for Italy, I knew I needed to make a postcard to reflect the theme “Game Day”.  When we were walking around the grounds of the Colosseum, I knew it was a morbid interpretation of Game Day, but it was so fitting in my mind.  I started with a photo I took the day before we came home:

I wanted to change the mood of the picture, and even though I’m a newbie on Photo Shop, I changed the colors and added “noise”.

I like this rendition well enough, but when I printed it on fabric, it looked pastel and much too cheerful.  That was about midnight before going to the retreat.  The card would have to wait.  This weekend I tackled it again, and went for a vintage postcard look (what??? you don’t think they had cameras and postcards in the first century???).

I like it better, although it doesn’t hold a candle to the ones I received from the other participants:

Doreen B’s beautiful painting of the woman with the pawn, Sandy C’s three-dimensional bingo postcard with real game pieces and a cute little dauber, and Vicki W’s tic-tac-toe game with the game pieces stored in a pocket on the other side of the postcard.

Oh, well, I figure what I lacked in cleverness and artistic talent, I made up for in distance traveled to take the picture.  Just for the Game Day challenge.  Yeah, that’s it!


3 thoughts on “Postcards”

  1. It’ll be fun to get your postcard. I’ll be watching for it . . . maybe tomorrow . . . just thinking about those 500,000 people killed over the 400 year period. Wow! Don’t know how they arrived at that guesstimate, but (I had to get my calculator out – and do the math) that averages to 24 people a week over those 400 years! That’s a terrifying number, and a terrifying thought to meet your end via “performances” where I’m sure thousands more looked on. Okay, clearing my mind now . . . thinking about the postcard coming gives me a fun thing to look forward to.

  2. Ohhhhh you don’t know how hard it was to keep from calling you to see if you were okay. I just looked up your site before going home and was excited to see that you were among us again. Take Care and get rested up. It won’t be long now that the winter fun will begin or should I say the “spring” fun. Eileen

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