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Being a slacker has its advantages:  since I haven’t posted a DWM post for a while, I actually have some things to show!

I’ve made 15 of these “10-Minute Runners”.  What a find of a pattern (and I’m probably the last quilter on earth to find it!)  These runners are quick (okay, I’m either slow or these should be called “30-Minute Runners”) to make because there’s no batting and no binding.  Free pattern can be found HERE.  Just send her an e-mail requesting the pattern and she will e-mail it to you.  Took about a day for me to receive the pattern.  Her pattern makes the long version.  I made the short ones for my mom and her card-playing friends, and out of the 15, I only have 2 left!  Great hostess gifts.  (I’ve also seen other bloggers offer a copy of this pattern for free, but they do not claim to be the author of the pattern — they are offering someone else’s pattern for free.  Doesn’t seem quite right…)

I was fortunate enough to go on a retreat with Pam and Margaret from our Day Stitchers group (as well as with two other quilters from other quilt groups).  We worked deep into the night, working hard on our projects.  Margaret:

and Pam:

I love the picture of Pam — doesn’t it sum up late-night sewing?

I finished a baby boy’s quilt top, made from Mary’s Quick Strippie pattern (just for an extra gift on the shelf):

Made several of the 10-Minute Runners, and worked on my ongoing kaleidoscope quilt project:

Above is six of the big hexagons with the little filler triangles.  I now have nine hexagons done — six to go!

And for a little project, I’m making a doll quilt.  Our Day Stitchers group is making our 4th annual trek down to the Minneapolis/St Paul NBC affiliate (Kare-11) on Friday to bring baby dolls with hand-made quilts for Toys for Tots.  My little top is made, and I’ve got a piece of pink fleece I’m going to use on the back.

And I’m working on socks.  And a scarf.  And I’m doing an APPLIQUED sampler.  I love-love-love to piece; applique’, not so much.  I’m going to try and change that in the next year by doing a basket sampler.

That’s it from my sewing room.  For a look at other quilters’ work, check out Judy L’s blog on Design Wall Mondays.


8 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

    1. I recommend making a full-sized version from the pattern first. Then if you want to make the smaller version, it will make more sense. To make four small runners:

      I purchased three 3/4-yard cuts: 3/4 yards of your center focus fabric, and (2) 3/4 yard cuts different coordinating prints or semi-solids for the back that wraps around a bit to the front. (You could also buy (1) 1.5 yard cut for the backing/border fabric.

      Instead of cutting the pieces selvage to selvage, I cut the pieces cut edge to cut edge, so they would be 3/4 yard (27″) long.

      If that doesn’t make sense, and if there’s interest, I would be glad to do up the cutting instructions for the short runners with diagrams. They end up about 26″ long.

  1. Thanks Sue I understand completely … great idea. They’d make nice candle mats. Oh boy another project. I made 13 of the long version yesterday, just need to sew on my buttons today.

    Merry Quilting.

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