Photo Project

Today’s snow reminded me of a self-assigned photo project I did some years back.  It started with freezing rain.  I thought the ice on the crab apples was so pretty, I took a picture:

Then we had a picturesque, fluffy snow.  I decided to take a picture of it, trying to get the same portion of the tree that was in the ice picture.

Then the birds came in the spring and ate all the remaining crab apples:

And spring brought out the little pink buds:

Which developed into white flowers:

And summertime crab apples:

Into fall colors:

As we enjoy the changing seasons, try this with a favorite tree or view.  The bad news for me — the pruners came and eliminated my favorite branch!


2 thoughts on “Photo Project”

  1. Oh, Sue! This took such dedication to stage these photos! The first one with the icicles is a real draw, but the series are wonderful displays of nature. I do not always comment, but I do enjoy your artistic abilities with your camera. Thanks again, Pokey

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