The Enemy

I’ve been pretty lucky with my bird feeder.  It’s on the front (street) side of our house, and the rats with fluffy tails squirrels had been leaving my bird feeder alone.  Til now.  It started when we put fresh seed in the feeder after our vacation.

I politely explained to The Enemy that we were on the International Squirrel Do Not Call list.  He stayed away from the feeder for a day, warily eyeing me from the neighbor’s roof.  He knew right where to look, as I may have opened the window previously and growled at him (I’m so mature).

I decided to move the feeder closer to the sidewalk and closer to the end of a thin branch.  I knew this wouldn’t prevent The Enemy from revisiting the feeder, but I hoped it would be a deterrent.

Oh, yeah, he was so deterred.  This time I re-explained the Do Not Call list to him again, and for emphasis I punctuated it with a rock.

Did you know that non-flying squirrels can fly?  He sprang through the air to the neighbor’s tree.  It was quite a sight.  He’s still coming back, and now he brings a friend (probably his legal counsel).


8 thoughts on “The Enemy”

  1. I hate those rats! People in some neighborhoods here actually feed them!

    We shoot them. That’s only one benefit of living on a large property. Shooting vermin is encouraged.

  2. I gave up fighting them. I bought 50lb. bags of cracked corn and gave them their own feeders. It did keep them out of the bird feeders. They got to eat and quit stealing the bird food.

  3. I feel your pain. I’ve had a lot of problems with them in the past. We seem to have worked out our differences for the moment, though… Our neighborhood is absolutely over-run with the little tree rats. One morning when I got up, I actually counted 13 of them in my yard at the same time… (I’m hoping they don’t ALL live in my yard, but I wouldn’t put it past them. There’s a lot.) I read that they can jump 10 feet (at least) and all feeders should be at least that far from the ground and any trees or branches… Mine are on a short little (maybe) 6 1/2 foot pole. We had to buy a baffle for the bottom of the feeder pole and it seems to work really well. My MIL has also had success with baffles over her tree-hung feeders. Good luck getting your message across!

  4. We’ve had the same problem. They clean out the feeders before the birds even figure out there are seeds there. I read somewhere there is some kind of bird good that has hot sauce (or something) on them. It does not affect the birds but the squirrels don’t like it. I need to find some 🙂

  5. Loved the bushy tailed rat story. We have so many squirrels here that I don’t even try a feeder of any kind. They even carry off the neighbors peaches.

  6. I won’t put it on here what is done when one of these furry creatures gets too close to our feeder but it isn’t a rock throwing. Good luck with your Do Not Call theory. They are very determined critters.

  7. You need our cat, who just moved into our lives recently. She has been taking out our squirrel and chipmunk population. It is not pretty but she does the work that your rock hasn’t. 😉

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