Design Wall Monday

This is my 5th quilt made, back in 2001.  It’s one of my favorites, made for my mother-in-law as a “family quilt”.  Sabina was in a nursing home at this time, so I made it lap size with a flannel backing.  I told her she could have her whole family close to her, keeping her warm.

I put my MIL’s and FIL’s names in the top two hearts, and added their seven “children” and spouses in remaining hearts with a fabric pen.

Then I added all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the blocks making up a narrow border, and when that was full, I started filling in the nine-patch squares with the new babies’ names.  Sabina has since passed away, and the quilt has been returned to me.  And now we have a new great-nephew to add:  Eli!  This quilt is nothing fancy, there’s no question about that, but it’s my very favorite.

What’s on my design wall today is an original design.  I’m not ready to share the quilt design yet, but I’ve been working hard on the border.  The border is right out of EQ Borders, and it’s called Big and Little Points Out.

Yesterday I was calling it something else slightly less ladylike, as my dimensions were off by 3″ per side and I was having trouble keeping1/4″ seam allowance on my points.  Today I’m liking it better.  Soon I know I will love it!

In case you didn’t know, this blog is being brought to you straight from Minnesota, where knitting wool socks is more than a fun project to keep your hands busy.  It’s a treat for your feet on a chilly November morning:

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  1. I read about your quilt on Judy’s site and had to stop by to see it. What a fabulous idea, I totally see that as a future gift for a great mom & grandma. Thank you for the inspiration! Cute squirrels too, lol 😀

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