Something New

When I changed my blog’s format, I changed to a template that gives me a lot of versatility.  Something I’ve wanted to do for some time is to add a favorite blogger or commenter to the right-hand sidebar area.

I thought of Vicki Welsh several times while we were in Texas.  You’ll know why when you see these pictures.

Vicki does gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics.

And every time I looked at the reflections in the water this particular day, I thought of her fabrics!

I’ll change bloggers every week or so, and I’ll select from both my Google Reader list (blogs I follow) and from the comments made to my blog posts (I always visit the commenters who leave a link).  Vicki happens to be on both lists, so if you aren’t a regular visitor of Vicki’s, be sure to stop by her blog, and you’ll want to visit her Etsy shop as well.  Lots of inspiration!


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