More of the Texas Gulf

In case you didn’t know it, we love the Mustang Island/Port Aransas area in Texas.  A few more pictures from last week’s trip to the Gulf. There are two birding areas right in Port A; the smallest is Paradise Pond (we’ll visit the big birding center on tomorrow’s post).  This is a small part of the pond, but it reflects how peaceful and lovely it is here.  At least when there’s water, and this year there’s lots of water!

One of my very favorite birds (okay, okay — it’s like desserts…they are all my favorites!) is the Black-Crowned Night Heron.  They are a small nocturnal heron that reminds me of a bigger, stretched-out chicken. At dusk, they will rise up out of the trees and head towards the jetty or other spots to fish.  Here is an adult.

And a juvenile:

They are a noisy bird, screeching and squawking.  You definitely know if there are some around — you just don’t know how many.  When we come back in January, these trees around Paradise Pond should be full of them!


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  1. I love those herons! We have 6 families of that nest in the mangroves in our back yard…never a dull moment! One of the adults always follows hubby around when he’s out there working in the yard.

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