Port Aransas, TX

Well, we barely got home and unpacked and we packed back up and flew to TX for a week.  I was laid low by allergies for a half of the days,  so I was actually glad to get back home. Some Texas pictures…

A pretty Gulf Fritillary:

Apparently it is mating season.  At least for the dragonflies and damselflies.  Three damselflies:

Two BIG dragonflies:

I’m doing some knitting (trying to get a pair of socks finished) and also trying to finish up a queen-sized quilt top.  I’m also working on my postcards for the 3 Creative Studios postcard exchange.  I have my design ready, but that’s it.  I got Kate’s block done (just in time) for the DayStitchers’ block exchange yesterday.  Plus I have over 1,000 Italy pictures to try to make sense of and get into an album.  I’m not complaining, though — this is way more fun than working!


One thought on “Port Aransas, TX”

  1. Again, wonderful pictures you post! I’m not “into” bugs of sort but you sure take nice pics of them. As to an earlier comment on fb, yes, we are celebrating our 45th anniv (a month early as Dec just too crazy) & are w/brother Jack & wife Cheryl. We’ve been 3 days in Honolulu & head this morning to 5 days in Kauai. THAT will be the relaxing part….

    Aren’t those pics Brenda is posting just wonderful…..love it!!!

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