A Puzzle

Wednesday’s Puzzle on Thursday.  Kinda fits my life lately.

We had a surprise destination on our Italy trip:  Pisa!  It was about an hour out of the way, but it was worth it to see such a well-known structure.  And despite efforts in recent years to halt the leaning to save the building, it is definitely still leaning!

Many of the cities were walled in at one time. A lot of the walls are still there as you go through the cities.  Pisa’s walls are still standing, and it makes for a breath-taking entrance.  You can see the The Tower of Pisa (a bell tower) leaning towards the right from behind the cathedral.

A closer look:

And as a puzzle.  I don’t usually use what JigZone calls the Euro cut because it is definitely more difficult, but it seemed appropriate after having so many Euros go through our hands last week.  Go ahead and try it.  Click on the puzzle to begin.  I KNOW you can do it!  (And a tip:  when piecing together the gray on the sides, pay attention to the gradient — it’s either light to dark or dark to light.)

Click to Mix and Solve

And another chance to go to Wikipedia to read more about The Tower of Pisa.  It has a very interesting history.


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