Italy — Come for the Food

Friend and neighbor Karen advised us to be sure and try the hot chocolate.  So we did.  Four times.  It is nothing like the hot chocolate we know here at home, which is a milky, sweet cocoa drink.  This is like lots of milk chocolate melted into a little milk.  You “drink” it with a little spoon, and you’ll wish you could lick the cup.  Well, at least I had that wish!  They serve it with a packet of sugar in case you’d like to sweeten it, but it’s wonderful just as it’s served.  Mmmmm.

This giant pizza (30″ or 36″ across) was displayed in a window.  We often had pizza and wine for lunch.  Their crust is perfectly thin, just a bit of sauce or fresh tomatoes, maybe some basil, then a light sprinkle of cheese, and always in a big wood-fired oven.  Perfect.  Or “perfetto”!

Gelato — Italian ice cream.  The flavors are wonderfully fresh.  Another mmmmm.

Pastries.  The pictures say it all.

We stopped at a vineyard (actually it was a ways into the Umbrian countryside — a whole ‘nother posting”) for a wine tasting.  What they served with the wine was almost as fantastic as the wine itself.   You’ll recognize the bruchetta (tomatoes on olive-oiled & grilled toast), grilled toast, pancetta (the meat).  The dish in the upper left is a cold egg dish.  Scrambled eggs with strips of red onion were cooked in a thin layer and they cut into strips.  Delicious!

Fast-forward to our Farewell Dinner.  I wanted to photograph the courses as they were served.  Typical of me, I would occasionally forget and eat half the course before taking a picture (that’s why I cropped)!  First course was the antipasto:

Second course was an asparagus risotto.  No kidding, I could eat this dish three times a day, every day!

This course, pasta.  They always served pasta where we would serve a salad (usually as a first course in a less-fancy restaurant).  Their pastas were less saucy than ours, a little more al dente, and truly delicious.  (This particular one had more sauce than we typically saw.)

After all that, the main course!  Chicken, potatoes, and peas.

Dessert?  Of course!  Choice of three, or you could have them all!


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  1. Isn’t Italy interesting? Went when I was in HS on a Latin Club trip- probably didn’t appreciate it as much then as I would now and hope to go back someday. Had some very good food and some that was well -interesting. Wish i had had a better camera in those days- the old Kodak Instamatic just doesn’t do very well! 🙂

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