Venice, Italy (Day 1)

Normally, how you get to your vacation hotel would not be interesting enough to blog about.  Unless you’re going to Venice.  I will zip you ahead to the landing at the Marco Polo Airport, and you get to skip the umpteen-hour flight.

There were quilt patterns everywhere I looked!  A lovely crazy-quilt patchwork, complete with some embroidered embellishment:

Then an applique’d plane with a little free-motion meandering:

We don’t land on the island.  We need to get there.  “Water Taxi, please!”

After a 20-minute boat ride, we arrive at a pier.  We unload and walk to the hotel (and I was so glad we had at least one tour guide with us at all times!).  Our checked bags arrive shortly.  After a short time to freshen up, we embarked on a walking tour of Venice.  That’s for tomorrow’s post.

Venice is a remarkable city.  There are NO cars, buses, delivery trucks, scooters.  There are boats and feet.  We used our feet a lot.


3 thoughts on “Venice, Italy (Day 1)”

  1. Hi Aunt Sue –

    Can I buy a copy of the jpg to your picture of the Pope you posted? I would like to get one enlarged and give it to my parents, and to our preist for Christmas. A framed print would be a good fund raiser at church too.

    God Bless –

    Love – Doug.

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