Design Wall Monday

My biggest accomplishment this week was finishing my handwork box.

I purchased a box at JoAnn Fabrics, bought some ribbon that had white dots, colored the dots gold with a Sharpee marker (gotta love those Sharpees).  The ribbon serves as a handle:

Made seven zippered bags out of vinyl-by-the-yard and upholstery samples:

These are my handwork project bags (knitting, Grandmother’s Flower Garden, a pieced quilt with some applique’).  I can easily see what’s inside of them.  I’m allowing myself six handwork projects and the 7th smaller bag is for tools.  And I’m ready to go anywhere to sew!

I just have to include a bird picture because the birds have consumed a lot of my time lately.  The blue jays are so much fun to watch, mostly because they usually don’t come to eat right outside my window.  Since I’ve been putting some seed in a pie pan, however, we’ve been getting a lot of cardinals and the occasional blue jay.

“When is she going to quit taking my picture so I can eat in peace?”


5 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday”

  1. The bird pictures are fabulous! Each so different.
    Love the project box and would not have thought to color the dots on the ribbon. You are so smart!!!

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