In the “Admin” portion of my blog, I’m able to see what a visitor entered in a search engine like Google or Yahoo! (if they arrived at my blog after doing a search).  I get a lot of visitors  who arrive here after searching for “sock monkey quilt“, “watercolor quilt“, and “fruit ladies“.

Two searches this morning that struck my funny bone (with a link to the posting they would have found):

duck eyelids” (REALLY!  I’ve had this searched for many times before)

knitting with a broken wrist” (ow!).

— Sue H.

One thought on “Searching…”

  1. Hi Aunt Sue – you should have listed the entry

    “knitting with a broken wrist” (Owl!) Being a Birder!!

    Hope you & Uncle Jim are enjoying the awesome weather!!!!

    Love – Doug.

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