Design Wall Monday — Handwork Box

At least once a week, I am lucky enough to spend time with other quilters to do some handwork.  We don’t all work on quilting all the time.  I piece and quilt by machine, so I always have some other projects ready to go in case I don’t have binding to hand stitch down.  My friend Pam B. has a box of handwork that she has organized into zippered bags, so if she completes a project she always has another one with her to work on.  Hmmm, I could do that!

I bought a box at JoAnns (isn’t it pretty?), using a coupon, of course!  Then I decided to MAKE some bags.    Pam’s are see-through plastic so she can see what’s inside.  Love that idea.  Bought some vinyl on the roll with my 50% off coupon at you-know-where.  Have tons of stash, so I chose a lovely fabric to coordinate with my purchased box.  Fast forward.  Made two bags.  Hated them.  Not showing them.  Quilter’s cotton is too flimsy to be paired with the stiffer vinyl and the tops flopped over.  REALLY hated them.  (The cotton would have worked sandwiched up and quilted, but I wanted to do a quicker sewing project without the extra quilting step.)

An a-ha moment!  Somewhere I have some upholstery samples given to me by … someone … Margaret, was it you???  Anyway, they have been aging in the garage, and now they are perfect!  I made the bags with a window on each side so I can see what’s inside.

Now I just need to make five more of them!  In addition to the Grandmother’s Flower Garden, I have about a dozen blocks that need some applique’, there’s always socks, knit hats, a dishtowel to embroider — and who knows what else that will go in here.  Plus I’ll do an extra one (maybe a little smaller) for a set of tools for handwork that will be dedicated to this box.

I know, I could get one of these projects done in the amount of time I’m spending on the bags — not to mention the “handles” I’m planning to install on the box so it’s easier to carry, but sometimes the preparation is as much fun as the project.


PS:  Be sure to bop on over to Judy Laquidara’s blog to see what other quilters are working on!

and PPS:  This was so much fun, I’m thinking I’ll add “windows” to other bags as well.  It’s fun to see what’s inside.

7 thoughts on “Design Wall Monday — Handwork Box”

  1. What a nice project and it is really turning out nice!Have been looking for a way to make a book or bag for jewelry, so it doesn’t get all tangled up when we are traveling. Seen one in a store, but don’t know where the pattern came from.

  2. Eileen — you’re in luck! We’re going to make jewelery travel rolls in Texas at the crafting group this winter. Well, I THINK we are…I haven’t tested the pattern yet!

  3. Very cute and keeps things safe. Love the little bags. I am a tote bag girl myself but I need some of the little bags posted. Nice ideas!!And your tiny hexagons are cuuuuute!

  4. Oh Sue, what a cute, cute, cute idea! Did you lay awake at night to think of that one? I think I will make some now, but I won’t be using zippers as I have zipperphobia, so I will use velcro instead! I don’t have any upholstery fabric, but I have lots and lots of jeans that I think would work! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. I love the look of your bags! Since I never really liked doing crafts, I know I won’t be doing this, but have to admit, it’s tempting. I have my own stack of upholstery squares too. Good use of materials!

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