Wild Flowers

The purple flowers I now know as asters (thank you, Pam D) are pretty much the only show in town in the village of wild flowers behind our house.  I didn’t see any unusual insects, damselflies, or green sweat bees, but there were lots of busy, busy bees  gathering pollen.

Since I’ve been photographing the flowers and the insects, I’ve become so much more aware of the changes occurring in the wildflowers from day to day.  A new thistle blooms.  Butterflies appear and disappear.  A new kind of bug.  Another bug has moved on.  Flowers drying up and other flowers finding it’s their time to bloom.  It’s definitely been worth the increased allergy problems!  I might even have to find a different tag than “Out My Window”.


3 thoughts on “Wild Flowers”

  1. you’re very welcome! and yes, Asters are definitely on the wild life hit parade when they bloom. i think the only plant that rivals it are the Autumn Sedums.

  2. I noticed bumblebees in my huge neon blue morning glories. I sat out there for a long time waiting for one to land where I could snap a photo. Dratted devils stayed up high where the blooms faced the sun–about 10 foot over my head!

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