Good (What’s on my Design Wall) Morning!

Wow!  There’s so much to cover, I think I’ll have to do more than one post!  Maybe I’ll just try to be brief.  (I know, I thought that was pretty funny too…)

DESIGN WALL REPORT: I (barely) started a new pair of socks, and I’ve been busy sewing…something I can’t show you, so I’ll give you a peek at the colors and fabrics:

ON-LINE FRIENDS REPORT: It was fun to get a mention on a couple of other bloggers’ sites this week:  Floribunda (a/k/a Julie) and Lori (a/k/a Lori in SD).  Be sure to stop by their blogs for a visit.

BLOG HOP REPORT: Those crazy pattern designers have done it again!  They are calling it Fall-O-Ween.  If you check back here each day, I will have a link to the next day’s featured blogger.  Today it’s Gudrun. and while you’re there, read the rules of the hop and be sure to comment.  And I forgot to mention — FREE PATTERNS are involved!  Gudrun has a cute candy corn runner pattern on her blog today.

WHAT’S-FOR-DINNER REPORT: I’m trying out Judy Laquidara’s recipe for Jen’s Chicken, a creamy chicken dish to serve over egg noodles.  It sounds wonderful!  Review tomorrow…

SELFISH IT’S-ALL-ABOUT-ME ITEM: Anybody out there play Words with Friends on their iPod Touch (or maybe you can play it on the iPhone also)?  If so, leave me a comment or contact me through the “Contact Me” button at the top of the page if you’d like to play a game or three.  Seriously addicting.  It’s like playing Scrabble.  But better.

OUT-MY-WINDOW REPORT:  The Hummingbirds flew the coop, and the finch are enjoying having “their” crab tree back as a supplement to the seeds in the wild flowers in back:

And I KNEW I was forgetting something — the post card exchange through Three Creative Studios!  I’ve received all the pc’s now, you can see the photos from the five participants on the TCS blog.  It was a lot of fun, and the sign-up for the next one is open.


2 thoughts on “Good (What’s on my Design Wall) Morning!”

  1. I have some of the same fabrics after my trip to the store this weekend. Great colors! I wish I could get on some of the Fall things going on, but I have too much on my plate these days. Great updates.

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