The Saga of the Lucky Hibiscus Plant

Well, I bet no one has ever titled a blog posting THAT before!

The story starts on Mothers Day, 2005.  My thoughtful DH suggested going out and choosing an arrangement of fresh flowers.  Knowing how costly they can be, and the short enjoying time, I suggested we go to a local nursery and choose a flowering  house plant instead.  I’m notoriously bad with house plants, but DH has some farmer genes and has taken over the house plant duties.  We chose a hibiscus with Kool-Aid orange blossoms.  Let’s call her “Lucky”.

Lucky goes south with us for the winter.  The very few other plants we have we leave at home for a neighbor to care for.  Because Lucky is a tropical plant, she LOVES going south.  Lucky gets swaddled in some plastic to keep the freezing temperatures away from her when we open the car doors (last year it was around 20 below when we headed out).  Of course, she gets to come into the hotel for any overnights.  And once we’re in Texas, she enjoys the warmer temperatures, the longer days, and basking in the sun just as we do.

Then we — I mean, then Jim — repotted Lucky.  She had clearly overgrown her pot and had become quite rangy and *gasp* unattractive.  “We” trimmed her way back and gave her some fresh soil and a new bigger pot.  It was quite a setback for Lucky.  She quit blooming.  For months.

Then Lucky bloomed — on Christmas Day!  What a special plant.  Then she didn’t bloom again.  It seemed it took all the ooomph she could muster to squeeze out that blossom.  Then finally Lucky bloomed a second time!  September 4, 2010.  That date would have been my dear mother-in-law’s 100th birthday.  What a special blossom.  Mom H. would have loved her.  That’s the September 4th flower pictured at the top of this post.

Lucky has had two more blooms since September 4th, so apparently she’s pretty much recovered from the “tough love” we gave her last year.

And that’s the saga of the Lucky Hibiscus Plant.


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