The Coffee’s On…

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all get together for coffee?  Well, I guess in a way we do, but it would be really interesting to meet face to face.  Well, NOT RIGHT NOW!!!  I’m still in my jammies.

Today is a rainy Saturday, pretty chilly (at 9:00 a.m., it’s only 47 degrees).  It’s the kind of morning that makes you want to keep moving to warm up.  Yesterday’s dishes are washing in the dishwasher, the day’s first load of clothes are in the dryer, coffee is made, and blueberry muffins are baked.  It’s the kind of morning where you leave the oven door open after you turn it off for the extra heat.

The last little male hummingbird blew out of here the beginning of the week, so this weekend I’ll take down the new feeders and clean them up for next year.  Well, one I will keep for next year, the other one will go in a give-away bag.  The keeper:

It probably isn’t as good as the upright tube type.  Before they got so territorial, more than one bird would sit here.  After they became territorial, only one bird would feed at a time, so all those extra “spigots” were a waste.  It also sways more in the wind, and the birds looked like they were on a ride at Valley Fair.  I would give it a B grade.  This next one is going bye-bye:

This one (obviously) attaches to the window, which made for some great up-close viewing.  The big down side is the holes are too large, allowing bees to actually CRAWL INSIDE the feeder.  Grade:  F

Time to fold a load of clothes and warm up my hands!


2 thoughts on “The Coffee’s On…”

  1. It’s been pretty chilly here for the last 2 days.I can’t believe it was in the 90’s on Friday and then in the 50’s yesterday. I checked the weather on my new Iphone and it said it was supposed to be in the 90’s on Saturday. I was going to a sewing show with a few friends and they were all dressed appropriately and I had on a really thin t-shirt and sandals. It was only cold when I went out to the car but I was comfortable inside. My son set up my phone with the weather app and he put in the wrong Windsor. I’d like to know where that Windosr is because it’s warm there.

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