Out My Window

If you don’t know, we live in a townhouse.  We’re at the top of a hill, and the wild flowers and weedy growth behind us go down the hill towards the pond, and there are some woods around the pond as well.  I know squirrels live down there, but they apparently have little interest coming up the hill where the big commercial mowing machines buzz around every Wednesday, where the sprinklers go off at random times, and where the 10-year-old trees are mere sticks compared to the mature trees that line the path around the pond.  (I guess I could have taken a picture for you instead of putting all those words together!)

ANYWAY, a squirrel came up to visit Townhouse Land this week.  He caught my eye because he was digging around in the grass.

Then out of our fairly manicured lawn he pulled out what appeared to be an acorn.  Is he supposed to be eating that NOW?  Isn’t it for winter?  He’s as bad as I am.

He did this several times.  We don’t have any oak trees up here for those acorns to have fallen into the grass, so I’m thinking they must have been carried up the hill and buried in the grass. Then he decided to check out one of our little trees:

Then he had enough of life on the hill and slowly disappeared back into the wild flowers.

The End.

Gee, we have an exciting life!

Well, I could either write about the squirrel or about the new ceiling fan/light DH put in the guest room yesterday.  It was a close call.


3 thoughts on “Out My Window”

  1. The squirrel is great but the news of a new ceiling fan and light in the guest room caught my attention. Can’t wait for another reason to visit Minnesota.

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