Backyard Report

I almost didn’t go back to our “wildlife” area yesterday to see what was growing/flying/creeping.  Things are looking pretty dry and autumn-ish, and almost all the color is gone:

Until you get up close.  These purple flowers  are still pretty abundant, and every fly, butterfly, and bee was enjoying the nectar:

Wait a minute!  Did you see that?  A GREEN bee?

After a little on-line looking, I learned it’s a Green Metallic Sweat Bee (because they are attracted to human sweat).  Fortunately they don’t have much of a sting; as an added note, they have their nests underground with just a very tiny opening.


p.s.  Did I ever mention how much I dislike bugs?  Why do I like photographing them so much???

3 thoughts on “Backyard Report”

  1. Maybe this is your way of overcoming your fear of bugs. I don’t like them either but some of them look really cool. Like the green bee. That’s a great picture! It would make a great puzzle too.

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