Google Friend Connect

So, my question is, what is its purpose (I’ve added the box in the left-hand column)?

I used to think it was a way to follow new content on a blog, but that would be Google Reader (or something similar).

I started wondering about it because fellow blogger Marilyn is trying to reach 100 followers through Friend Connect so hopefully she will be allowed to give away a Go! Cutter on her blog.  (By the way, you may want to stop over at Marilyn’s blog & if you enjoy your visit, sign up as a friend.  Wouldn’t you love an extra chance at a Go! Cutter???)

Anyway, when I find a site I like, I rarely add my name as a follower.  Instead, I follow them through Google Reader.  Now I’m thinking it’s apples and oranges.

Enlightenment, anyone?


One thought on “Google Friend Connect”

  1. First, let me say thank you for telling people about my blog 🙂 Second, I am like you and never followed anyone’s blog through the follow button. I used the link on the side bar. Then, I heard that was going to go away 🙁 But, when Accuquilt said that I had to have 100 followers to be able to give away a Go! cutter and I only had 6, but there were over 1250 visits to my blog a month, I thought how could they tell who was visiting? They can’t see who has linked the side bar thingy. The only way someone can see who is following you is if you have one of those follow bar thingies. Clear as mud? The hoops we jump through for new quilting toys 🙂 I just hope I get a chance to give away one of these new fangled cutting tools. They look really cool and fun to play with. And thanks again!

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