A Walk on the Mild Side

Yup, I bundled up my allergies and took them with me on a walk to Target today!  It was a glorious fall day, and needing to buy just a couple of items to complete our dinner, I decided to hoof it (it’s only two miles round trip).  I just packed the bare necessities:  my camera, my iPod Touch, my cell phone, and a credit card.  Good grief, I’m such a city girl.  I really did live on a farm way out in the country until I was 11 years old!

Some wildflowers and a clouded sulfur butterfly:

As I approached Target, it looked like several down comforters had exploded all over the sidewalk area.  It almost looked like *gasp* snow!  Apparently the sea gulls fly from Prior Lake (the lake, not necessarily the town) to the landfill behind Menards each day, and Target is their stopping-off point.  What do they do there to lose all these feathers???  There were literally piles of them.  They even track into the store.

After doing my little bit of shopping, I stopped at the in-house Starbucks for a cup of something yummy.  My cell phone rang, and DH was asking where I was.  Turns out he decided to take a walk too and was just outside!  It was nice to have company on the trip home, and especially nice to have help toting my purchases.


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