Telephoto Tuesday

Some photos to share and a backyard nature report.  The wildflowers are teeming with bees right now:

The hummingbirds have been very possessive of “their” feeders.  They will spend their days standing guard against intruders.  If they only knew that I keep them filled up and they could share!

This year I have just fallen in love with the damselflies.  Well, at least with photographing them.  They are my new fave.  This one is on a little thicker blade of grass — probably quack grass:

Usually it’s the sunsets that get your attention, but this day it was after sunset.  Doesn’t it seem like the sky is a little bluer in the fall?

Back to sewing!


2 thoughts on “Telephoto Tuesday”

  1. We’ve got a hummingbird that sits in our apple tree guarding her perch as well – they are so much fun to watch. We’ve named ours “Miss Piggy”. Great pictures too!

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