Thanks, Rob…

Could there be a nicer compliment for me than one of my offspring willingly taking three of my photos to hang in his house?  I don’t think so.  His choices?

a turtle:

a pair of black-bellied whistling ducks:

and a Japanese Beetle:

Thanks, Rob.  You made my day!

Sue — or “Mom” to you…

which reminds me of when DS#2 got married, and I told my new daughter-in-law she could call me Sue or Mom…

say it fast…

it’s “Sewer Mom”

One thought on “Thanks, Rob…”

  1. Sewer Mom—LOL

    That’s pretty cool Sue. But really, you do have some fabulous photos.

    I once took a picture of one of my trees with DD1’s fancy schmancy digital camera. She then took the photo, enhanced it, removed some of the background, made it look like a painting, framed it and gave it to me for Christmas. My favorite not people picture.

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