Meet my Aunt Bert

She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

Aunt Bert came visiting from Huntsville, AL, last week, and we had a wonderful time (yes, she’s a young aunt — my dad’s baby sister…I love saying that!).  It was while we were sitting at the kitchen table that we noticed the hummers were back in town.

We did some sewing. We did some shopping.  We did some dining out.  We took my bees quilt to the fair.  We went to DayStitchers and visited with the ladies.  We played cards (Hand & Foot).   We really enjoyed our time together.

But she exposed me to something so desirable, I just had to have it, no matter the cost.  In fact, I NEEDED it.  I CRAVED it.

So I ordered it.  An iPod Touch.

Honestly, I had no idea what these things could do.  I thought they were just for music, and I didn’t realize you could get these features in a hand-held device without paying a monthly fee.

Bert could check her e-mail (we have wi-fi in the house), you can store tons of photos (two uses that would be great for travel), and of course you can download games, music and movies.  I understand there are lots of apps for the iPods as well.  You can keep your calendar in it.

As an aside, this will be a great complement to my no-frills pay-as-you-go phone ($20 from Target).  I use T-Mobile’s pay-as-you-go plan.  You buy the phone and purchase minutes as you need them.  For $100, I get 1,000 minutes, and they last me about nine months. (The $100 cards are good for 1,000 minutes or one year, whichever comes first.)  I’m a big fan of this plan.  I have it, DH has it, and I got it for my mom as well.  Check their coverage in your area, though, if you’re interested.  A different carrier might be best for your area.

Can’t wait to get my new toy absolutely essential, non-frivolous appliance (sometimes I forget hubby reads my blog)!


5 thoughts on “Meet my Aunt Bert”

  1. I LOVE my iTouch!!! My children gave me one for mothers day a year ago. I read on Ken Rockwells website once that it is like having a little computer in your pocket. We traveled to Europe and I was able to check all my email with that little gem. I have been down with a back injury and have been checking my emails while I am resting in bed. It is an amazing little jewel. I know you will enjoy it.

  2. I just ordered the Iphone4 and I can’t wait to get it. It may be a bit frivolous but my old phone keeps shutting off and my Ipod shuffle is 2 years old. Time for some essential upgrades.

  3. awwww, she looks so sweet, can i adopt her?
    when i was growing up my father had lots of aunts and uncles (my great aunts and uncles) and i enjoyed knowing them. they all had such varied and interesting lives and they were lots of fun to be around. Send her an extra hello for me.

  4. Hurray for the touch! Sync your calendar with google calendar! It’s awesome! And then immediately download “Words with Friends” (free or paid) and start a scrabble game with me! My username is “(deleted)“. I can give you a whole list of favorite apps! Fun!

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