The Great Minnesota Get-Together

That’s how they bill the Minnesota State Fair, and we do get TOGETHER:

We set attendance records for opening day:  119,145.  Now, considering weekends will likely go over 200,000 per day, I shouldn’t be complaining, but that’s still a lot of people!

I went with my friend Margaret (after dropping my Aunt Bert off at the airport who was bummed that she was leaving Mpls on the first day of the fair).  Bert and I had a wonderful week, did some sewing, a little lunch, a visit to a quilt shop, played a lot of cards.

Margaret with her ribbons (that’s her hockey-playing grandson, plus an original needlepoint tea cozy made to match a special teapot):

My three little wall quilts and my quilt on a stick were passed over, although I know the judges really WANTED to give them all ribbons!  My bees came through for me though; I entered them in the Bee & Honey division, so they’re in the Ag-Hort building.

I’m going back next week and will take lots more pictures; this was a quick trip to see how the “important” quilts did — Margaret’s and mine!

This hexagon quilt was a personal favorite of mine so far (I’ll note the quilter’s/artist’s name next trip).  Besides being beautiful, I find it very restful and calming, something we can all use more of!

A number of my other friends won ribbons as well, and I will post about them later in the week.  Also, I’m feeling a repeat of “What Did Sue Eat at the Fair” coming on.  I saw so many yummy things Thursday, but Margaret and I were pretty sensible, having Walking Tacos and Iced Lattes.  Capital letters…that’s how good they were!


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