MN State Fair & Some Nature

It’s truly becoming more autumn-like here in Minnesota.  We had the house open yesterday with the cool breeze (70s) billowing through the house, slamming the occasional door.  My allergies are reminding me today that I shouldn’t have done that, but it was so pleasant at the time!

The Minnesota State Fair starts tomorrow.  I have three little wall hangings in the Creative Activities Building (my beach skinny quilt, my hand-appliqued flowers, and a paper-pieced mariner’s compass – ribbon from Dakota County Fair), my bee quilt is in the Ag-Hort Building in the Bee & Honey area, and I finished my quilt on  a stick in time (the theme is mosquitoes):

I also ventured out to the wildflowers in back and caught a new (to me) dragonfly in pixels (can’t say I captured it on film any more!)

It was late in the afternoon, and I love the golden light that sweeps through the flowers and, well, I guess they’re weeds:

Including tons of goldenrod.

I always thought goldenrod was a big-time allergen, responsible for a lot of hay fever problems.  Turns out, it isn’t.  Rag weed is the big offender.  Goldenrod is pollinated by insects, and rag weed is pollinated by the wind.  How nice, I don’t have to hate the goldenrod any more!

My Aunt Bert from Alabama has been visiting, and we’ve had a wonderful time.  We’ve done some sewing, card playing, visited my mother, ran some errands, lunched, and I’ve really enjoyed her company…and I’m not just saying that because she’ll be reading this blog later this morning on her iPod!  It’s been a lovely week.


Okay, since Carol asked for it, here’s a photo of the back of the Quilt on a Stick (8 x 9 inches, on a paint stick)…if you can’t wow them with fabulousness, tickle them with humor…

5 thoughts on “MN State Fair & Some Nature”

  1. I hope you’ll post a picture of the back of your quilt on a stick – it’s my favorite part. I think it’s a Blue Ribbon winner for sure!

  2. Mary-Kay, that’s so funny! No, it’s some snipped-up black thread with a glob of glue to hold it together. It is kind of creepy how much it looks like a dead bug though.

  3. great design on the mosquito entry….was wondering what fun thing you would come up with! love the back! let me know who won what….OK?

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