Last-Minute Lucy (& give-away)

At least hat’s what my Mom SHOULD have named me! I’m working on an item for the Minnesota State Fair.  We have a fairly new category, a quilt on a stick!. It’s a little 8″ x 9″ quilt with a vertical sleeve on the back to accommodate a paint stick. I can’t show you this year’s yet, because the entry days go through next Wednesday, but I can tell you that this year’s theme is the Mosquito!  Here is my entry from last year (which totally underwhelmed the judges):

Last year’s theme was The Fair.  I liked my little black-faced sheep.  I even used a thin wool batting, and I named her Wool-ma.  (Makes me think of the time when my boys were in high school, and one of them told me, “Mom, you’re not nearly as funny as you think you are”.  Ouch!  Of course he was right, but it doesn’t matter because I keep myself amused!  In a few days I’ll share my mosquito quilt-on-a-stick with you (I know — you’re just itching to see it!)

If you haven’t entered my give-away yet, please go to the top of this page and click on the monarch butterfly button.  She will take you directly to the give-away post.


P.S.  Today my Dad would have been 82.  We always loved it when his birthday fell on Friday the 13th.  Happy Birthday, Dad.

4 thoughts on “Last-Minute Lucy (& give-away)”

  1. My birthday is on the 13th, too (February) and I always enjoy a Friday the 13th year! I love the “quilt on a stick” idea — perfect for a state fair.

  2. LOL those jokes are really baaaaaaad! OK that little sheep is just too cute and way too tiny to try to applique!!

  3. Your kids sound like my kids. They don’t appreciate living with the funniest commedian in the world! Everyone else thinks I’m hilarious 🙂 I love those little quilts on a stick. They are genius.

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