Heat Wave

As most of the country is suffering in the 90s and 100s this week, I thought I would try a little visual aid — frozen crab apples with that crystal-ly, icy snow:

I remember my Aunt Sally (many years ago) draping a wet, lightweight towel (maybe a feed sack type dish towel) around her neck to help keep cool.  I mentioned this to DH last month when he was doing some work in an un-airconditioned house.  He tried it and he said it did help.  I’ve also read a suggestion to keep a second towel in the fridge in a plastic bag so you can swap towels from time to time to stay cool.

By the way, this is post # 498 — in two more posts it will be the 500th Post Give-Away!


PS:  Maybe the frosty crab apples are working!  It’s been dark and thunderstorm-y this morning, and at 10:45 am it’s only 70 degrees.  Just hope the temps don’t shoot up and breed more storms.

3 thoughts on “Heat Wave”

  1. When my som went on a canoe trip with scouts, the leaders suggested the kids get bandanas so they could dip them in the water and then wrap them loosely around their necks. While I deliver mail, I fill a baggie with ice cubes and put in a face cloth. When I need cooling down I stick my hands in that baggie (boy is it cold and it feel great) wring out the cloth and wrap it around my neck. It cools you down really fast.

  2. Oh yeah I forgot. I was watching the weather on a Detroit station and the weather guy said that on average we have 12 days over 90 in this area. To date we have had 10 and it’s supposed to be 90 plus for the rest of the week. Also, this is one of the hottest summers on record, the hottest being in the 1800’s, but we haven’t broken any records yet.

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