Updates & a Puzzle

Oh, I’ve been a delinquent blogger lately.  Our county fair just ended, and of course I had to go to see how I did on my entries, plus our Wednesday afternoon group went and quilted as a group on Friday, plus I went a couple of extra days to keep a friend company while she had volunteer shifts.  With the initial drop-off trip, it was a total of FIVE times at the fair!

The fair pretty much dominated my life for a week, and it’s amazing I had time to cook a dinner for my Dear Husband.  Oh, wait — I didn’t!  And that worked out perfectly because our fridge was dying a slow death.  (Yes, the new fridge came Monday, and I LOVE IT!!!  The deliverers just need to make one trip back because they put a handle on upside down!  Oh, how wonderful to be back in the days of modern refrigeration again!)

Do you enter fairs? Competitions of any kind?

You never know how you’ll do, especially because the judges are pretty much volunteers at the county level, and my hope this year was to just not embarrass myself.  Well, I was a little embarrassed, and I’ve been holding off on posting about it because I pretty much didn’t know what to say.

So I’ll show you…

You could have knocked me over with a feather!  The two big dark pink ribbons were cash awards donated by local guilds or businesses (thank you, Prairie Sky Quilting [for best machine quilting — the back is under the ribbons] and New Prague Prairie Quilters [for best wall quilt]).  Silly things like my pot holders did way better than I deserved (blue, plus reserve champion for small kitchen articles), and I placed on five out of six photos entered.  My Opal socks got a second, which I was thrilled with as there were many pairs of socks entered.  Anyway, it’s all stuff you’ve seen before, so I thought I would just show you the goodies!  Throw in an apron, a bag, some knitted dishcloths, my first real applique’d piece … and that’s what I took to the fair.

Go figure.  I just know that next time around, the pendulum is going to be swinging the other way and I’ll go home empty handed, so I’ll just bask in the “glory” a little bit longer.  And such is the puzzle of judged competitions:

Click to Mix and Solve


6 thoughts on “Updates & a Puzzle”

  1. How exciting for you! I’ve never entered any of my quilts in a fair although once years ago I did enter a quilt that Mom and I made in a local guild show. My sister Deb is the big award winning quilter in our family.

  2. I can see why you are so happy with all the wonderful ribbons that you received at the fair. What I am wondering is what did you eat?? I will be going to my first STATE FAIR on Aug. 16th and I am excited! My grandson is showing his soy beans.

  3. Wow- congrats to you! See I don’t look at your website for a week ( life got in the way)and look what all pops up and changes.

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