A Pollen Puzzle

This will almost make you want to sneeze, so get a tissue ready.  I was looking for a picture for today’s puzzle, and I started looking at bees.  This is a close-up of a bumblebee.

But when I went in REALLY close, look at the pollen:

Here is a picture of a bumblebee with lots of pollen in its pollen basket:

The Leaf-Cutter Bees gather a lot of pollen on the underside of their abdomen.  I read that they can collect 20x the amount of pollen as a honey bee.   I tried to get a shot of the underside, full of yellow pollen, but they weren’t cooperating.  Here is a backside view, and you can see the hairs underneath that collect the pollen (there are even hairs on his head and legs that have collected yellow pollen):

So, here’s the puzzle:

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