Farmer’s Wife Sampler Friday

I completed two more blocks for my FWS project.  As I said before, I’ve joined the Yahoo! FWS group, and they were already on block 39 when I started.  To catch up (eventually), I am doing the current week plus a previous week.  So here are BOWs 37 (Gentleman’s Fancy) and 40 (Friendship Block):

The blocks are 6″ finished.  In the book there is a photo of each block, a line drawing of each block that isn’t to scale, and you get a CD with each template (over 100), but only one template per page.  Someone has grouped the templates to correspond with the blocks, so when I did BOW 39, I could print out the templates needed for that block on one page.  That document is available through the Yahoo! group.

There has been some good discussion with the author lately on that site as well regarding rotary cutting vs templates, and quilters have shared what techniques have worked best for them.  Lots of good ideas!  My favorite one, that I’m going to try next week, is printing the templates on freezer paper (the paper side, of course), cutting them out and ironing them unto your fabric.  You then line up your ruler with the edge of the paper and make your cuts.

Another thing to note, which could be an issue for a newer quilter, is there are no piecing instructions or pressing instructions.  A contrary note is that there are a number of new quilters tackling this quilt as a learning experience.

I’ve added these two blocks to my slowly growing group of FWS blocks under the FWS tab at the top of this page.


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