Pot Holders

I posted a picture of my unfinished pot holders yesterday.  A refresher…

I planned to do the binding in the same little green/pink/white check that’s in the corners of both pot holders.  Blah.  No punch at all, but I already had the strips cut.  Piping?  That sounded interesting, but I didn’t have any little cording.  I did some searching on line, and found a tutorial for “faux piping” on TLC Stitches’ blog.  That sounded like a good way to bring a little more color into the outer part of the little “quilts”.

The binding gets sewn on the back and you’re supposed to machine stitch the front  on the outer edge of the piping strip.  I didn’t want to machine sew the binding on, so I hand-sewed the binding (with the built-in piping) on the front.  It gives it a two-tone binding look.  I’ll try this technique again.  It was a fun way to add something extra.

(A down side — it does add extra bulk because of the extra seaming so it was a little more difficult to make a neat join.)


One thought on “Pot Holders”

  1. Yay! They look great! Love that extra slice of color. Great idea to use the technique for hot pads. Thanks for letting me know that you tried it!

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