What’s on My Design Wall?

Is it my imagination or are Mondays getting closer together?  I swear I’m not getting a full week any more.

  1. Hot Pads.  Our Wednesday group has been challenged to each put a pair of hot pads in our county fair.  While I don’t love these, they’re almost done; plus they will be buried in an avalanche of really cute ones so it won’t matter.
  2. Box Quilt. I did Candice’s crazy-quilt block for our Wednesday group’s first box exchange block of the year (we run 6 months, June thru November).  Click on the “Box Quilts” tab at the top of this site to see what everyone did for June.  I started next month’s block, which I can’t show yet, and hopefully I won’t be doing it the night before like I did last month!!!  (It’s just like high school all over again.)
  3. New Bag. Pal Carol and I are getting together Friday to make Lazy Girl Claire handbags.  It’s an adorable pattern that uses 7 fat quarters.  I’m going to pre-cut my pieces so I’ll be down to just sewing time on Friday.                      
  4. FWS. Last week I joined the Yahoo! group The Farmer’s Wife Sampler, making blocks from the book by the same name by Laurie Aaron Hird.  It’s a Block of the Week schedule, and I plan to make the BOW plus make one block I missed by starting late.  Eventually I’ll get caught up!  I’m blogging about my progress on “Farmer’s Wife Fridays”, and my cumulative finished blocks will be shown under the “FWS” (Farmer’s Wife Sampler) tab at the top of the site.
  5. Cut Scraps Down to Size. I spent a couple of afternoons pressing and cutting scraps down to usable sizes.  I need to do this more often!  I hardly made a dent in my scraps.

And a foot food note.  I’ve been on a healthy eating plan (don’t you hate the word “diet”???) since June 1st.  I’ve been enjoying a lot of strawberries since that time since they’re in season, I love them, and they have practically no calories.  Can you guess where this is going?

After having a nice bowlful of strawberries with my oatmeal Saturday morning, I broke out in hives!  I’ve read that strawberries are a common problem for people who have springtime allergies, specifically a birch tree allergy, and I’m guessing that would be me because something in the spring air really bothers me.  Plus I’ve been spending waaaay more time than usual out in the summer sun (read heat) which helps hives to “blossom”.

I originally went outside to photograph the beautiful wild flowers behind us.  I ended up photographing bugs.  Who knew they could be so endlessly interesting and even beautiful.  A sampling:

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5 thoughts on “What’s on My Design Wall?”

  1. I like your hot pads. Sorry about the hives-yeck! The bug pictures are really cool…I can’t believe I just said something nice about bugs! 🙂

  2. Your photos continue to amaze me!!! Nice pot holders, love the Claire bag pattern, fun and fast. I will not start the FWS–no, I will not! There I said it. NO. But I can’t wait to see yours. 😉

  3. Can I send my scraps to you to cut up??!! If I did that ( if I had time to do that) I would cut them in one size and then find something I wanted to use them for that called for a different size!!

  4. Well, I love the hot pads. The colors remind me of baby quilts. Nice to see what you have done it the blue and green fabrics. Seems like I have seen that fabric before, I wonder where. I finally got to the sewing machine store and had them show me how to move the needle to my right, so maybe things will turn out better. Now just need time to sit down and sew.

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