The Farmer’s Wife Sampler

I’ve taken the plunge and started a “journey quilt”.  I’ve long admired the Dear Jane, the Dutch Treat, the Nearly Insane, Sylvia’s Bridal, and I know there’s more.  I’ve always told myself “NO!”  The Farmer’s Wife Sampler by Laurie Aaron Hird seems a little more doable, however.  Plus I won that terrific tower of fabric from Vicky a while back, and I knew it would be just perfect!  So Fridays are now FWS progress report days.  Two blocks to show (Shooting Star and Checkerboard):

They really are the same size.  I don’t know why I saved them different sizes.

I joined the FWS Yahoo! group, and they are doing a Block of the Week (BOW).  I’m going to do the BOW, and then try to do at least one extra per week to try to catch up.  Love the blocks done in Vicki’s fabrics.  These blocks will be challenging but rewarding.  And they’re 6″ blocks.  Very doable!


4 thoughts on “The Farmer’s Wife Sampler”

  1. I love the quilt, when I went and heard her presentation at a local quilters group she brought the quilt along and it is beautiful!! She had a lot of browns in hers. She also signed my book. She is a very nice lady and has 11 children. If you ever get a chance to go to hear her, don’t miss it. the book is magnificent and I’m sure you will agree with that. I sure wish she would be at the Corpus Christy quilt show this year.

  2. I too will make a quilt (in spirit) with you! I can barely do any of my own quilting these days. I joined the Civil War Tribute BOM- made it to 2 of the nights and have 1 block made and have the remaining months ( so far) only cut out! Maybe I will finish it some day. Robin

  3. just reading the book reviews on amazon, the book got very mixed reviews.apparently it’s a love/hate relationship. best wishes on your project.

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