Little Gray Bees…

(Blogger’s Note:  Patrick is correct, I have confirmation that this is a male leaf-cutter bee.  Thanks, Patrick!)

are in the wildflowers behind us.  Really little, like about the same size as a housefly.  I’ve found a couple of pictures on line that look like these bees but they aren’t consistently called the same thing.  I think it’s safe to say they are some kind of dwarf honey bee.  These bees seem to prefer the cone flowers and the orange flowers instead of all the purple flowers.  And of course I have pictures to share (I thought you’d never ask!):

So do any of you know what kind of bee this is?  They’ve been interesting to watch.  And maybe it isn’t even a bee, but it looks like one and moves like one.


3 thoughts on “Little Gray Bees…”

  1. My vote is for the Leaf-cutter bee (Magachilidae). They are the only one close to your pictures and the same color. They are also a small bee, smaller than the Honey bee.


  2. yep that would make sense. i’ve seen those bees around here and they have apparently been sampling the leaves of my lavendar vinca plants as well as the nectar!

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