My Backyard…& a Puzzle!

Yesterday I *gasp* went outside to take some pictures!  Sometimes shooting through only semi-clean windows just isn’t enough.  The wildflowers behind our house have never been prettier, and I could tell they were just full of critters.  I just had to get up close and personal.

The late afternoon sun made these wildflowers look almost inviting — that is, if you don’t have allergies.  There were lots of flitting butterflies and moths…

and buzzing bees…


what is this?  Is it a damselfly?  He’s only about an inch long, at the most, too small for a dragonfly (so I thought).  I was so curious, I sat right down to read about dragonflies and damselflies on line, and I looked at lots of pictures.  (LOTS of pictures.)  Finally, I found it!

This critter is an Eastern Amberwing Dragonfly.  At .9 inches, they are one of the smallest dragonflies around, but not THE smallest in North America.  There is one that’s only .6″!

In flight, these amberwings are often mistaken for wasps.  I’m glad I saw him at rest, or I would have been heading inside a lot sooner!  Here he is close up, and you can put him back together again in the puzzle below.  (It must be a male — notice the hairy legs.)

(ADDED NOTES:  1) That IS a male Eastern Amberwing, because his wings are solidly colored; and 2), the purple-blue stalky plant is a pickerel weed or pickerel bush.  This is the plant all the butterflies, moths, bees, and dragonflies were on.  This plant provides a lot of food for wildlife, is totally edible, but can also be invasive.)

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