Design Wall Monday!

Getting kind of late in the day to post this report, but here goes anyway.


I love the yarn that’s going into the scarf.  It’s 100% bamboo, and it feels like silk!  It will be wonderful around the neck.  The socks are still the Opal Harry Potter self-striping yarn.  Loving these too, but I don’t feel too motivated to work with wool when it’s so hot and humid.


I’ve been attacking my monster trash can of scraps and turning them into squares:

I modified my Autumn Garden quilt.  After the MN quilt show, I hung it in our eating area.  This was a challenge quilt, and I was required to use certain fabrics.  The gray pebble fabric was one of them, and it stands out too much for my taste.  Click here for the “before” shot (which photographed much too yellow; the gold below is more accurate) — anyway, just focus on the rock fabric at the base of the bee hive)…

I got out my oil colored pencils and colored the gray rocks to coordinate with the dusty blue-green in the flowers.  A subtle change, maybe, but it is huge to me.  I hated that gray rock fabric!

And I almost forgot to mention that I’ve started on my Farmer’s Wife Sampler quilt — well, barely started, I’m cutting out the first block!

Check on Judy Laquidara site to see what’s happening with other quilters.