Farmers’ Market Report

Here’s what $10 bought at our local farmers’ market today:

2 Kohlrabi (for snacking)

Dill (will go on the potatoes)

Mint (in a Mojito…as diet permits  :>(

Onions (in everything)

Yukon Gold Potatoes (mmmmm)

New Red Potatoes (see dill above)

Green Beans (with our 4th of July dinner today — “kids” are coming, gotta get cooking!)

And to all of us in the USA, Happy Independence Day!  We sang “God Bless America” in church this morning, such a beautiful song.  Have a wonderful day, where ever you live!


PS:  Because a specific spammer has been so persistent in bombarding me with junk (you don’t see it — it gets held in moderation), I’m closing comments on posts after 3-4 days.  They like to “hide” their spam in older posts, so I’ve gone through and closed all the comments on my older posts.  I probably deleted over 500 spam comments that have come in in the last 3-4 days.  Note to Spammers:  Get a real job that doesn’t hurt anybody, and make your momma proud!!!

5 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Report”

  1. I got a virus from making a comment or having one made on my blog. It took almost two weeks and finally had to shut the blog down. Several months later I opened one up again. Good Luck. Veggies look great. Mine in my garden are coming along. Happy 4th. Chris

  2. the people that do things like this need to do something good for the people if they have all that knowledge and not make so many problems. I am glad to have you back. Just about wore out my computer looking to see if you had anything posted yet. Eileen

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