Fat Tuesday # 4

Well, it was bound to happen.  I knew I didn’t deserve to lose two pounds last week because I hadn’t been all that “good”.  This week I was better, and I didn’t lose anything!  But I held my own, and I know from history that if I’m good again this week, I will be rewarded with a better number next week.

So I still stand at four weeks / seven pounds.  I feel like I’m doing the stash report again!  (Hey, seven pounds is a newborn’s weight — that’s a lot!)

I had kind of a “Twilight Zone” moment this week where I heard a little voice say, Go ahead, eat whatever you want.  *snicker*  You’ll just have to carry the excess around with you the rest of your life!    Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!! 

I’m trying not to think of food as the enemy.  I am finding lots of good things to eat that I really do enjoy.  One of them is a turkey burger on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thins.  Another is my bowl of no-fat fruit yogurt with Grape Nuts & strawberries — my new breakfast.  Summer is a great time with all the fresh fruits and veggies.  It’s also a difficult time with all the parties and other special occasions that include food.  I’m just trying to be more sensible and more moderate. 

DH doesn’t need to lose weight, so I try to serve a pretty normal dinner.  A bonus is that he also likes the turkey burgers, so I can fix just one kind of meat.  Another bonus has been my pressure cooker.  I bought a huge tray of chicken, removed the skin, and cooked it with a little water for 12 minutes.  Then I shredded it for BBQ buns (mine is an Arnolds), salads, soups.  There’s so much you can do with cooked chicken. 

On our anniversary though we went to a steak house and I had a steak.  With bearnaise sauce.  And garlic mashed potatoes.  And a glass of Cabernet.  I did feel I little bit more watchful when I ordered my salad with no-fat dressing.  After I had started eating it, the waiter rushed out with the no-fat dressing.  I was eating the full-fat dressing he brought by mistake.  At that point, it didn’t really seem to matter, so I continued on through the original salad.  But it does give me somebody to blame this week:  The Waiter Did It!!!


3 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday # 4”

  1. Gee, I won’t tell you that I am up to 9 lbs lost. There were a couple of days with the granddaughters that included cheese pizza and wings. But I do have a big bag of veggies all cut up and ready to eat, I do love the red, yellow, and orange peppers. Also, have my boiled eggs for a protein snack if I need it.

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