Gratitude Post #1

This has been such a fun, extremely busy week!  This morning I thought, “I’m way behind in blogging.”  That made me laugh.  If I would have said that ten years ago, no one would have any idea what I was talking about — including me!  I have a mental list of all the things I need to catch up on, and most of them are thank yous, or posts of thanksgiving of some kind.

Last Wednesday, friend Carol and I headed northwest toward St. Cloud, Minnesota, for the annual Minnesota Quilters quilt show.  (And no, my Autumn Garden quilt in the Challenge section didn’t win anything, but I wasn’t toooooo surprised or disappointed.  My goal was to not embarass myself, and I ended up with a quilt I wouldn’t have made otherwise that I like very much.)  Back to the subject!

Pal Carol and I stopped in at Pat & Patrick’s house close to St. Cloud for some visiting time and an overnight.  Pat & Patrick visited us in Texas this past February.  Here they are leaving our favorite Port Aransas breakfast spot, The Island Cafe:

Back to Minnesota.  We had a wonderful pontoon ride and trip last week to a restaurant via the river that meanders past their property.  The evening was absolutely stellar for being outside on the water.  In the photo below are Pat, me, and Carol; Captain Patrick is busy at the helm — well, actually he was busy taking this picture!  (Thanks, Patrick, for allowing me to use this photo.)

Carol, Pat, and I are 3/4 of a long-standing friendship group of four; we all worked together at the same company eons ago.  Marcia (who completes our foursome) was hard at work in Minneapolis on this day, but here we are all together on a previous get-away (Pat, how come I look so much taller?  must be the chair):

Thank you, Pat & Patrick, for a wonderful evening and breakast send-off.  Carol and I needed those cinnamon-pecan waffles (Patrick’s creation) for endurance as we navigated our way through the quilt show!  I’m so lucky to have such wonderful friends.


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  1. Thanks for the publicity, Susan. I forgot where the photo was taken of Patrick and me so glad you explained that one too. We were very happy to have you and Carol stay with us and you picked the one and only day/evening that was suitable for a pontoon ride.

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