Fat Tuesday #3

Well, this was a tough week (which I will blog about in the next couple of days), eating-wise.  Actually, it was a FABULOUS week, fun-wise.  Spent most of four days out of town, partying, eating with friends.  Had a dessert get-together at our house with neighbors last night.  I was hoping to just hold steady this week and not gain anything back.

SURPRISE!!!  I lost two pounds.  I really did try to be good, but I didn’t think it was good enough.  *whew*

Three weeks down, seven pounds gone.  Picturing a stack of seven pounds of butter, I think I should look much thinner.  Oh, well, the scale is making me happy and I’m still motivated to keep counting calories.  It’s encouraging to know that you can deviate from the straight and narrow dieting path, eat the same foods as everyone else, and be okay.  Moderation is my mantra.  I even have a nut log, chocolate truffles, and a piece of Dreamsicle Cake left over from last night, and they aren’t calling my name out loud.  (Well, maybe just a soft whisper…)


4 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday #3”

  1. Sounds like you’re handling it well..congrats on that! Was a wonderful show but I sure got tired out. My head was spinning with all that potential…

  2. You have inspired me. I think I started watching what I put in my mouth about the time you started. Your ‘fat back’ comment was priceless. My back is the least of my problems. So far, I have managed to get rid of 7 lbs.

  3. I read & think “so great” but then I do nothing myself! Have not lost anything since last year; maybe maintaining is ok but would like to maintain a lesser amt..lol Do either of you know a healthy cookbook? I don’t like to follow recipes that much but always think maybe it would help if got away from the old ways….

  4. Sandy: I’m sure there are some good lower-fat cookbooks out there, but this is what I’ve been doing: I’ve been eating more veggies on the plate, smaller servings of meat, replaced hamburger with ground turkey (very good!). I have been having three meals, a snack, and an 8 pm dessert. Low-fat Dannon’s Strawberry yogurt (1 cup) with fresh fruit and 1/4 cup of Grape Nuts sprinkled over the top for breakfast most days, my snack is either fruit or a Fruit & Nut bar (only 140 calories and it’s filling), and a normal dinner ‘cuz DH doesn’t need to be on a diet. I just have more veggies, more salads (Newman’s Own has delicious low-fat dressings) less starch, leaner & smaller meat portions. And no “seconds”. A low-fat ice-cream sandwich and cup of decaf or hot tea about 8 pm, because we always take time for a little treat about that time. Of course, DH gets the full-fat ice cream! A friend suggested Arnold’s Select Sandwich Thins. You may be able to get them where you live…like a skinny English Muffin. Only 100 calories, where a hamburger bun is 240 calories (the pkg I bought last anyway). They are whole grain, and are also good lightly toasted with peanut butter. They are a great regular bun substitute. Oh, and I love 2% cottage cheese with fresh pineapple or cantalope, and we have that sometimes instead of a salad.

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