Monday’s Design Wall Report

You have to love Mondays:  The day when there may be something decent on TV  in the evening after a weekend of *blech*.  The day when the crossword puzzle in the paper is easy enough to do in ink.  The day when our garbage gets whisked away.  The day when JudyL hosts Design Wall Mondays!

I’m finishing up putting the mitered borders on this blue & white Four-Patch Posies Supreme:

And a close-up:

Now, if you’re a regular, you’re thinking — hey, I’ve seen that before!!!  This is made up of (planned) left-over blocks from this quilt, two years ago already.  Bonus blocks equals a bonus quilt!  Such a deal.  This quilt is going to be surprise-gifted to a friend.  I’m into “surprise gifting” lately, and it’s so much fun.  I wonder if she’s reading my blog today, and wondering, “is it me???”

This weekend we had an incredible experience.  A couple from our church donated a “Wine Party” for auction.  We purchased “admission”, and had one of those experiences you can’t stop thinking about and will stay with us for the rest of our lives.  Pete, our host, is quite a wine maker.  I’ve never tasted home-made wines like his before.  In fact, I’ve never tasted any wine like his.  (I sampled cherry, rhubarb, raspberry, apple, a red that I think was Shiraz, and my first taste of ice wine.)  Besides wining and dining us (and several other couples, and the food was fabulous also), we got a tour of his vineyard, a tour of his wine cellar, we got to participate in bottling, corking, and putting those foil thingies on the top of 10 gallons of wine (about 50 bottles).  And as we departed, we each got to take a precious bottle of wine home! What a fabulous evening.  I didn’t exactly get permission to post the photos I took (I asked, he joked), so I’ll show you a couple of safe pictures.  Hubby Jim and I by the vineyard. 

Here is what I made and brought for a hostess gift (less the wine; I just pulled some from our little stash of wine for scale–ooh, “wine stash”, I love it!):

It definitely wasn’t enough of a gift, but since the whole  evening was priceless, I guess it has to do!


7 thoughts on “Monday’s Design Wall Report”

  1. I like that quilt a lot! I love dark blue and white together. It sounds like your wine adventure was great fun too. All-in-all a really good weekend!

  2. I love the blue and white! And since I’m a “newbie” of just one year of following you I han’t seen it before! One of these days a blue and white quilt is in my plans. Also love the table topper. Your friend will love it I’m sure

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