It started with mushrooms…

I planned on fixing pork chops with mushroom gravy for dinner.  The last time I made them, I added a big package of fresh mushrooms (saute’d in butter first; this time they’d get a quick spray of PAM), and it was wonderful!  Don’t you hate running to the store for one little item?  And this wasn’t even necessary, but it would be nice.  Two days ago I did my best “living in Europe/walking to market” impression and hiked one mile each way to Target.  That seemed like such a good solution again today, except the rain kept turning off and on, off and on, all day long. 

The sidewalk was almost dry, so it seemed like a fairly safe bet.  DH stayed home and agreed to come and get me if I got caught in a downpour.  It was a pretty uneventful trip, and I just got sprinkled on a little bit the last ten minutes or so of my walk.

I learned some things today:

  • You don’t buy very much when you know you have to carry it a mile.  This practice will be good for the budget, as well as for the waistline.  I bought a package of mushrooms and a French baguette (I just couldn’t resist).
  • Target deducts 5 cents from your bill when you bring your own bag.
  • I walked pretty hard, with an eye on the dark clouds.  You don’t notice how hilly it is between here and Target when you’re driving.  As I was huffing and puffing, the thought occurred to me, “this is just like the program on a treadmill”.  No, Sue, the program on the treadmill is just like walking up and down real hills! 
  • I need to get outside more.  And I need to remember to take my camera next time!


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