“Fat Tuesday” Report

Nope, it isn’t Mardi Gras…it’s my weekly weigh-in.

This is definitely the honeymoon phase of the diet.  One week of dieting = 3 pounds lost.  That’s a great start, but I know I won’t see three-pound losses very many weeks.

I’m finding it surprisingly easy to be “good”.  Using www.fitday.com, I track everything I eat and drink through the day.  I allow enough of a margin that I can have a low-fat ice cream bar and a decaf coffee in the evening.  I haven’t felt deprived at all.  We even had an evening out to a dinner where we had no input as to what we were served.  I was a little nervous about it, but it was fine — your typical chicken breast dinner.  When I got home and calculated the calories, I found I was a little over my goal for the day, but it was still fairly low, calorie-wise.  That’s good, because this week we’re going to a dinner/wine party/vineyard tour Saturday night.  How much fun does that sound?  And I know it will be fine.  It’s all about moderation and thinking about what I eat before I eat it.  (What a novel concept!)

Exercise is another story.  I’ve been on the elliptical a couple of times, but it’s very easy to ignore.  Today was an absolutely gorgeous day.  I always loved the romanticized notion of living in an European city and walking to the shops and markets, stopping at a little cafe’ for some strong coffee drink, and then strolling back home with a loaf of French bread and some just-scrubbed carrots sticking out of my tote bag. 

Well, today I did the suburban equivalent.  We walked to Target, bought what we could carry in my wheeled tote bag, shared a diet soda at JimmyJohns, and walked back home.  About two miles round trip.  Almost as good as Paris.


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