Monday’s Design Wall

A completion this week!  And I can finally show you my Minnesota Quilters Challenge quilt.  MQ has a fun challenge where you buy a packet of fabrics (this year there were five), you were given a size restriction (160″ total of all sides), and a theme (St. Cloud’s public gardens).  You could also choose between doing a flat quilt vs. a three-dimensional piece, such as a doll, a jacket, etc.  It’s a way to look for something of yours at the show without being too serious a quilter.  You don’t have to worry about getting in — if you bought the packet and submitted everything on time…you’re in!  (The Minnesota show is in St. Cloud this year, June 16-19.)

I made the flowers by fussy cutting motif repeats with a template (there wasn’t enough fabric to do a stack & whack type process), sort of Paula Nadelstern style.

But my favorite part, and the inspiration for this quilt, is the bees.  The pattern is by Piece by Number, and the free pattern can be found here.  Their wings are the lightest orange in the flowers covered with a layer of gold sheer Christmas fabric.  (I melted two of the bees’ wings and had to do those blocks over…drat!)

I enjoyed doing the traditional piecing, applique (the bee hive) and paper-piecing (the bees).  I did a bit of embroidery (not my fave) for the bees’ antennae, and a little bit of hot-fix crystal embellishment.

The true color of the background is really more gold than any of these photos show.  I am forcing myself to use Photoshop Elements 8 (I have the 30-day trial), since I ordered it and it’s on its way!  I’m slowly learning my way around, and I didn’t get the colors quite right.  I’ll do better next time!

In case you’re wondering, the required fabrics are:  1) the gold background, 2) the orange in the flower at 9:00 in the 1st photo, 3) the stripe, 4) the large-scale floral that makes up the centers of all the flowers, and 5) those stupid rocks.  Well, they do call it a challenge.

On the knitting front, I’ve finished sock #1 of my Opal Harry Potter pair, and have started the 2nd sock, and have the stripes lining up pretty well (not perfect, but why start worrying about being perfect now?)

A dieting note:  Week #1 down.  I’m going to be brave and post my progress each week on “Fat Tuesdays”.  I’m hoping at some point I can change it to “Accountability Tuesdays”.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best thing!  I won big this week…I entered Vicky’s (LAQuilter) drawing for a tower of fat quarters, and I won!!!  Thank you, Vicky!  What a generous gift.

This week’s goal:  finish a UFO top that’s ready to go on the longarm, work on my 2nd sock, and make a little table-topper hostess gift for this weekend.  See what other quilters are working on at JudyL’s Patchwork Times!


14 thoughts on “Monday’s Design Wall”

  1. the pictures are beautiful!! Congratulations on winning the tower of fat quarters. It is so much fun to open the package up and see what has arrived. Looking forward to seeing you soon. We have to get some time in talking about quilting during that time. Eileen Wish I could get to the show to view the quilt. I enjoyed hearing from you.

  2. This is a terrific challenge quilt, especially the bees 🙂 I’m sure it will show favorably amongst all the other entries.

  3. Are you going to the St. Cloud show? I just joined our local quilting club tonite & signed up for bus to the show as well. It should be fun!!!

  4. I love your challenge quilt! I know I will be able to see it up-close and personal so I can really study it then. I do love the bees….

  5. So pretty — I love the flowers and the bees!

    I had every intention of attending the Minnesota show this year but as usual I didn’t make any plans. Not sure I can get there now with getting ready to go to GA for 2 weeks on Saturday.

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